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April 26th, Thursday night 5-7 p.m.

241 Chartres Street

Booksigning and Storytelling

"Jazz, Giants & Journeys" $75.

" Jazz Memories" (out of print) $275.

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Hurricane Katrina, One-Year Anniversary

Friday September 1, 2006 5:00 P.M. -9:00 P.M.

1433 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 312-563-1033

For more information, call A Gallery at 504-568-1313

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Art for Art's Sake

Diane Arbus, "A Fine Collection"

Opens Saturday, October 7, 2006

6:00 P.M. -9:00 P.M.

A Gallery for Fine Photography

Exhibition continues through February 2007

Joséphine Sacabo

"A Geometry of Echoes"

Opens Saturday, March 25th
6:00 - 9:00 pm

Exhibition continues through June 2006

October 2, 2004
Reception 4 - 8 PM
In support of Art for Art's Sake

In honor of their distinguished and ongoing lives, A Gallery for Fine Photography presents the original photographs of legendary photographers HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON and

ANSEL ADAMS AND HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON is an exhibition of over 50 original photographs honoring their extraordinary careers as fine art photographers. Together these legends represent the pinnacle of Twentieth Century Art and Photography. Their original works of art are represented in all the great museum and private collections of the world.

As early as 1975, Joshua Mann Pailet and A Gallery for Fine Photography began representing these icons in the history of photography. Though opposite in style, ADAMS and
CARTIER-BRESSON represent the powerful and moving use of genius and vision as a form of expression. The use of light, timing, and beautiful printmaking are hallmarks of their insight. ANSEL ADAMS used the large negative, patience and the natural landscape, while
HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON used a small camera to capture the elusive moments in the people and events from all over the world.

Josephine Sacabo
Ophelia's Garden
October 4, 2003 - December 31, 2003

October 4, 2003
Reception with the Artist 6 - 9 PM
In support of Art for Art's Sake

A Gallery for Fine Photography and Joshua Mann Pailet host a reception for Josephine Sacabo, for the exhibition of her new panoramic series Ophelia's Garden.

Ophelia's Garden is an exquisite exploration of a world that could only be captured by Josephine Sacabo:

"Ophelia in her despair goes to the water and finds this beautiful submerged world- her garden-- a garden without seasons,
fixed forever by the click of a shutter.

A landscape without a history or a future, existing only for the moment in which it was perceived. It is a landscape that I
as a photographer can never revisit because it is no longer there. The light and the wind and the water cannot be held still and I can never be again the woman I was when these images were made. Just as we cannot re-enter a dream, I cannot
re-enter this garden or send anyone there. I can only share with the viewer what I saw when I went to the water's edge."
- Josephine Sacabo

Herman Leonard & Yousuf Karsh
The Master and the Maestro
September 1, 2003 - September 31, 2003

A Gallery for Fine Photography and Joshua Mann Pailet are proud to present this special exhibition, featuring original photographs by two of the world's greatest portrait photographers, Yousuf Karsh and Herman Leonard.

As a young man in 1948, Herman Leonard served as an apprentice to Yousuf Karsh, while he photographed Albert Einstein and other such notables. Herman Leonard was the only one to work with Mr. Karsh in this capacity.
Yousuf Karsh affectionately referred to Herman Leonard as "Leonardo" throughout his life. Both men went on to long distinguished careers in the field of fine art photography.

Jerry Uelsmann
April 30 - August 30, 2003
New Photographs
  • "Before entering the darkroom, I ponder these [contact] sheets, seeking fresh and innovative juxtapositions that expand the possibilities of the initial subject matter. Ultimately, my hope is to amaze myself. The anticipation of discovering new possibilities becomes my greatest joy."
  • -Jerry Uelsmann,
  • Light Notes, 1985
  • -
  • -

Opening Reception with the Artist

A Gallery for Fine Photography and Joshua Mann Pailet are proud to present an exhibition of Jerry Uelsmann's newest photographs.

Jerry Uelsmann's photographs have been exhibited in over 100 solo shows throughout the United States and abroad for over the past 40 years. His photographs are part of such permanent collections as the Metropolitan Museum, the Whitney Museum, the Chicago Art Institute, and the Bibliotheque Nationale of France.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003 7 - 9 PM
Helmut Newton
March 8 - May 5, 2003
Sex and Landscapes

Sex and Landscapes


The Making of the Big Nudes

Vintage Polaroids

Opening Reception 7 - 9 PM

A Gallery for Fine Photography and Joshua Mann Pailet are proud to present this major exhibition of Helmut Newton's photographs

This exhibition is an extraordinary selection of oversize (3' x 6') photographs from Sex and Landscapes, all new and never seen in the United States. Included are a unique group of 4" x 5" polaroids, "Rosalyne," an extended portrait series photographed in a beautiful French château, and "Making of the Big Nudes," tracing the genesis of his most famous series of photographs.

Many original photographs never before published or exhibited!

January 19, 2003-March 7, 2003

Opening Reception 4 - 7 PM

A Gallery for Fine Photography and Joshua Mann Pailet announce our MOVE to 241 Chartres Street, corner of Bienville, in the French Quarter.

Our first exhibition, LEGENDS, is a selection of important photographs from the first 160 years of photography. Rare photographs from our collection of 19th century greats will be on view, including photographs by Francis Frith, Hill and Adamson, William Henry Jackson, and W.H. Fox Talbot.

In addition, we will display masterworks from the 20th century by Eugene Atget, Irving Penn, Edward S. Curtis, Henri Cartier-Bresson, André Kertész, Berenice Abbott, Jan Saudek, and many more special photographers.

Josephine Sacabo
November 9th-December 31st, 2002
Pedro Paramo

Artist Reception 6 - 9 pm

A Gallery for Fine Photography is proud to announce the upcoming (October 2002) publication of Joséphine Sacabo’s new book. This new translation of Juan Rulfo’s 1955 Surrealist novel,
Pedro Paramo, will be accompanied by Joséphine’s suite of photographs“El Mundo Inalcanzable de Susana San Juan”.

Our exhibition will feature photographs from this series, as well as from “Nocturnes”, her newest work. In “Nocturnes,” Sacabo continues to be inspired by poetry and visual art, exploring themes of fear and desire.

Joséphine Sacabo’s photographs will be a highlight of the upcoming special collector’s edition
21st: The Journal of Contemporary Photography, Vol. V “Strange Genius”. This is the premiere venue for contemporary photographers, using hand-pulled photogravure and platinum to showcase the work of exciting new voices and established masters in the world of fine art photgraphy.

B & W Magazine’s April 2002 issue features photographs from Sacabo’s “Susana San Juan”.
Jon Newlin, in that article, states:

“The dark chthonic beauty of Sacabo’s images reflect perfectly
the beautifully bleak and pared-down prose of Rulfo’s
masterwork... Joséphine Sacabo’s pictures do not illustrate
the novel so much as illuminate it.”

Bruce Barnbaum
October 5th-December 31st, 2002
Tone Poems

In conjunction with Art for Arts' Sake
Artist Reception 5 - 9 pm
Book Signing 12 - 2 pm

Bruce Barnbaum (b. 1943) is well known for his photographs of the natural world, in the visual tradition of Ansel Adams. Since 1975 Barnbaum has directed the Photographic Arts Workshops to share his knowledge of fine art darkroom printing. He uses music as a stimulus for his photography, and his new book, Tone Poems, Vol. I (2002) is accompanied by a CD of piano music played by Judith Cohen.

A Gallery for Fine Photography is pleased to present new and classic photographs by Bruce Barnbaum to celebrate the release of Tone Poems, Vol. I.

“Music - particularly classical music - has always
been an important element in my life, and I was
delighted to subtly link the photographic
groups to one another through classical music.”
- Bruce Barnbaum

Tone Poems, hardcover, 120pp. with CD. 90 tritone photographs, Photographic Arts Editions
Signed - $80.

George Zimbel
Photographs 1951-2001

October 6th-December 31st, 2001

A Gallery for Fine Photography announces an exhibition of photographs by George Zimbel (b. 1929).

Zimbel is perhaps best known for his famous portraits of Marilyn Monroe during the publicity for "The Seven Year Itch," and a series of political photo-essays during the 1950s and 1960s. His photographs embody the documentary principles of spontaneity, directness, and the keen technical understanding needed to seize a moment and transform it into art. His travels through the U.S., Europe, and Canada, and his work for publications such as the New York Times, Redbook, Saturday Review, and Architectural Forum have allowed him to catch people in their everyday lives as well as their shining moments.
"A lot goes into a finished documentary photograph: a very personal view of life, a knowledge of technique, and, of course, information. It is the information that grabs the viewer, but it is the photographer's art that holds them."
- George Zimbel

A Gallery for Fine Photography will feature a selection of Zimbel's original photographs from the course of his career in an exhibition that will open on Saturday, October 6th, in conjunction with the annual Art for Art's Sake event.
The exhibition will continue through December 31st.

A signed limited edition catalogue of George Zimbel's photographs is available for $49.95. Please call 504-568-1313 or email us for more information.

Elliott Erwitt:

November 8, 2001-February 1, 2002

Elliott Erwitt (b. 1928) is one of the leading photographers of his generation. He has been taking photographs since the late 1940s. He is known for spontaneous humorous photographs, along with poignant documentary photographs. As a young man, Edward Steichen helped Erwitt get his first commercial photography job. As a founding member of the prestigious Magnum Photo Agency, Erwitt has photographed all over the world and his images have been the subject of many exhibitions. His original photographs have been collected by all major museums.

A Gallery for Fine Photography will present an Artist Reception and book signing with Elliott Erwitt on Thursday, November 8th from 6-9pm. Elliott Erwitt's new book, Snaps, will be available. Please call 504-568-1313 or email us for more information.

James Barton,
Mount Tacoma and Mirror Lake, 1908

Opens May 1, 2001

A Gallery for Fine Photography announces an exhibition of vintage orotones from 1900-1940 by E. S. Curtis, Norman Edson, James Barton, R. H. Le Sesne, The Pillsbury Co., The 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair and more.

An orotone, or goldtone, is a photographic image printed on glass. The back of the glass is then painted with gold mixed with oil, or with bronze powders mixed in resin, as one would paint a mirror. This creates a brilliant three dimensional effect which varies as light reflects off the gold backing. Many of the frames on the work in the current exhibition are original to the pieces.

The vintage orotones in this exhibition were made by E. S. Curtis, Norman Edson, James Barton, R. H. Le Sesne, The Pillsbury Co., and others. The subjects range from landscapes from around the country, with an emphasis on the Yosemite Valley and the Northwest, to portraits of Native Americans, vaudeville performers, and former President Theodore Roosevelt.

Orotones: 1900-1940 will open on May 1st, 2001.
The exhibition will continue through August 31st.

Edward S. Curtis,
The Old Well at Acoma, 1904

R.H. Le Sesne,
Bayou Scene, Florida, 1930

Century of Progress Buildings: Chicago World's Fair, 1933

Pillsbury Company,
The Gates of Yosemite, ca. 1920s

Karl Blossfeldt:
Forms of Nature

February 1 - May 8, 2001

Blossfeldt's stark, rigorously composed, and highly detailed close-ups of botanical specimens were produced over a thirty year period and were first published in a series of volumes during the late 1920's called "Urformen der Kunst" ("Forms of Nature"). Intended as guides for industrial designers and art students to demonstrate the structure and beauty inherent in plant forms, Blossfeldt's images are also celebrated as prime examples of the photographic art in their own right.
"My botanical documents should contribute to restoring the link with nature. They should reawaken a sense for nature, point to its teeming richness of form, and prompt the viewer to observe for himself the surrounding plant world."
- Karl Blossfeldt, 1932

A Gallery for Fine Photography will feature a large selection of Blossfeldt's original photogravures from the 1928 edition of "Urformen der Kunst" in an exhibition that will open on Thursday, February 1, 2001.
The exhibition will continue through May 1.

For more information, please call 504-568-1313 or email us.

Jock Sturges

Jock Sturges
Recent Work 1997-2000

November 2000 - February 2001

Sturges' recent work continues his exploration of family relationships, resemblances, and the ways bodies change over time. Each summer, Sturges returns to visit families whom he has photographed over many years; it is these close relationships with his subjects which allows him to lyrically capture their uninhibited grace, warmth, and beauty in his photographs.
"If I am lucky, my subjects come to know that they are at their most beautiful when they remain simply themselves."

Jock Sturges has exhibited widely in the United States, Europe, and Japan. His photographs are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, among other institutions.

Jock Sturges: New Work, 1996-2000 (Scalo, hardcover) is available through our bookstore for $70 (unigned). Signed copies are also available. Please email us for ordering information.

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